A TANDEM language exchange

- a language learning method with a difference!


TANDEM is a method of learning languages through exchange. The idea is simple but fascinating: "I will help you learn my language and you will teach me yours." A learning duet, a fast, efficient, and pleasant way to pick up, improve and enjoy the foreign language.

You and your TANDEM are going to meet for an hour or longer as often as you can make it. Half of the time you will speak in one of the two languages, followed by the other half using the other one. You will both be teacher and student in turns.

There is even more to a TANDEM language exchange, more than "just language learning": Its communicative approach as well as its intercultural character give both learners ample opportunity to gain more insight into each other's culture through direct communication. And have fun at the same time.



And how do I get to know a TANDEM Partner?


There are 4 things you need:


1. A basic knowledge of the language you want to learn

2. A willingness to help your partner practise in your mother tongue

3. Our questionnaire.

4. A little patience – sometimes it takes time to find a suitable partner.

Please see us at our office or send us back your questionnaire. Then we can start to search. Once we have found someone, we will arrange the first meeting together here in our office.


And what will this cost me?

You will pay us for the first time, i.e. after the first mediation, a fee of € 20,00. This fee is valid for a full year.

And by the way: This service is absolutely free for participants of TANDEM Hamburg courses.


TANDEM makes the words go round!

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