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Certificate Deutsch / telc Deutsch B1

You should have a German language competence at B1 level in order to get by in daily activities in Germany.  The Certificate Deutsch / telc Deutsch B1 serves as proof of this, especially for the naturalisation process.
If you take part in our intensive courses regularly, you need approximately 480 class hours in order to sucessfully pass this examination. 


The exam consists of a written and an oral part. The written part takes approx. 150 minutes, the oral part, which is done in sessions with two candidates at a time, takes 16 minutes. The test at TANDEM Hamburg is usually held on two subsequent days.

After 4 or 5 weeks you can pick up your result here - please check our website (see below) to find out whether they have already arrived.


Please click here for all information on this exam at a glance. Further details on the telc Deutsch B1 (preparation materials, model tests) can be found here.


Examination dates and fees

You may register right here or, if you prefer, at TANDEM. Please bring the examination fee and your ID or passport. 


Exam fees: € 140.00 for participants in TANDEM's courses and € 160.00 for all others.




 Fri + Sat

Reg. deadline *

(1:00 p.m.)


 Results available

telc Deutsch B1 02. + 03.02.2018 03.01.2018  NO VACANCIES You may pick up your results now
telc Deutsch B1 02. + 03.03.2018 31.01.2018 NO VACANCIES  
telc Deutsch B1 06. + 07.04.2018 07.03.2018 NO VACANCIES  
telc Deutsch B1 04. + 05.05.2018 04.04.2018  NO VACANCIES  
telc Deutsch B1 01. + 02.06.2018  02.05.2018  Register now!  
telc Deutsch B1 29. + 30.06.2018 30.05.2018  Register now!  
telc Deutsch B1 27. + 28.07.2018  27.06.2018  Register now!  
telc Deutsch B1 24. + 25.08.2018 25.07.2018  Register now!  
telc Deutsch B1 21. + 22.09.2018 22.08.2018 Register now!  
telc Deutsch B1 19. + 20.10.2018 19.09.2018 Register now!  
telc Deutsch B1 16. + 17.11.2018 17.10.2018 Register now!   
telc Deutsch B1 14. + 15.12.2018 14.11.2018 Register now!   


* Registration ends 30 days (1pm) before the examination date; late registrations are accepted until 8 days prior that date (deadline 1 pm) for a default fine of € 14.00, if spaces are available.

Mock exams for you to download

telc ZD B1 Übungstest (1,9 MB)

telc ZD B1 Hörtext (9 MB)



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