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Our exams take place at our school, obviously following our hygiene rules.



telc Deutsch B2

For vocational training and work in Germany, a German language level of B2 is required. If you plan to apply for Studienkolleg Hamburg you are also expected to have this level.


TIPP: We offer a preparation course for this exam with 8 reserved exam places.



Examination fees and dates

You can register online and send us the copy of the examination fee bank transaction. You may also come to our office and register and pay via cash or card.


Exam fees


For participants in TANDEM's courses

€ 170.00


For all others

€ 180.00





(1:00 p.m.)

Booking Details


telc Deutsch B2

11.06. + 12.06.2021


Fully booked  You may collect your results at TANDEM now.

telc Deutsch B2

09.07. + 10.07.2021


Fully booked  

telc Deutsch B2

28.07. + 29.07.2021

(Wed at 10am + Thu from 10am)


 Fully booked  

telc Deutsch B2

06.08. + 07.08.2021


1 place available  

telc Deutsch B2

18.08. + 19.08.2021

(Wed at 10am + Thu from 10am)


Places still availablee  

telc Deutsch B2

03.09. + 04.09.2021


Places available with prep course  

telc Deutsch B2

01.10. + 02.10.2021


Places available with prep course  

telc Deutsch B2

29.10. + 30.10.2021


Places still available  

telc Deutsch B2

26.11. + 27.11.2021


Places still available  

telc Deutsch B2

17.12. + 18.12.2021


Places still available  



telc Deutsch B2

07.01. + 08.01.2022


Places still available  

telc Deutsch B2

11.02. + 12.02.2022


Places still available  

telc Deutsch B2

11.03. + 12.03.2022


Places still available  

telc Deutsch B2

08.04. + 09.04.2022


Places still available  

telc Deutsch B2

13.05. + 14.05.2022


Places still available  


Please click here for all information 2021 on this exam at a glance.



Where, when and for how long: Examination times and duration

* The exam takes place at TANDEM, generally on a Friday and on a Saturday. The written part of the exam starts on the first day of the exam at 2 pm, the oral one is to follow on the next day in the morning.


* The written section takes, excluding the introduction and breaks, approx. 140 minutes without introduction, the oral section, which is completed in sessions with two examinees at a time, takes 15 minutes (plus 20 minutes preparation).

Only one exam section is successfully completed: What can you can?

Have you already completed the examination and passed either the oral or written section? If so, you can have this section of the examination credited. You must send us the examination result (the sheet entitled "Ergebnisbogen") so that we can forward in on to TELC. IMPORTANT: The failed section of the examination must be repeated by the end of the following calendar year, after that the result will be invalid. Please be aware that even if you only want to repeat a section of the examination, you will be required to pay the full examination fee.

The small print: Examination cancellation

* In the case of cancellation before the registration closing date, we will refund the examination fee, minus a processing fee of € 50.00. Later cancellations are not possible. Exception: If you are ill on the examination day, please inform us immediately via email at and provide a medical certificate within 4 days. In this case, we will refund the examination fee minus a processing fee of € 50.00.

After your examination: Collection of your result

* You may collect your result here approx. 4–6 weeks later - please check our website (see above) to find out whether they have already arrived.

* For data protection reasons, we do not give any information as to whether the examination was passed or failed over the telephone.

* You will need to collect your examination results personally, with appropriate identification, at our school. If you are not able to to do that, you may also send us (or bring to the examination) a self-addressed A4 envelope with the appropriate postage stamp required and we will post them to you. If you would like to send someone to collect your examination results, you will need to also write an appropriate power of attorney letter for this specific person.



Before your examination: Preparation possibilities

For this exam we offer a preparation course :

•          You will get to know the various types of tasks and their assessment criteria
•          You will train supporting exam strategies and techniques
•          You will simulate real exam situations


Further details on the telc Deutsch B2 (preparation materials, model tests) can be found here.


Mock exams and other downloads

pdf downlodtelc Deutsch B2 Übungstest (4MB)

sound iconDeutsch B2 Modelltest 1 1 (17 MB)


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